Monday, December 28, 2015

"There's A Dinosaur In My Bathtub" Book Review

There's A Dinosaur In My Bathtub by Cataline Echeverri 
Easy/ Picture book

Reviewed by Ethan

What is this book about? "There was a french dinosaur that came to a girls bathtub for the summer and did a bunch of fun things with her."

Dinosaur-lover Ethan gave this book 3/5 stars!

"Red Riding Hood Takes Charge" Book Review

Red Riding Hood Takes Charge by Tony Bradman
Chapter Book
AR level 4
Reviewed by Allie Marie

Story Summary: "Little Red Riding Hood's grandma's lonely and she tries to make her happy."

This book got 4/5 stars from its reviewer who enjoyed the ending and because she likes grandma's. 

This book is part of the After Happily Ever After series, alternately named, Happily Ever After. They provide a modern and funny twist while continuing from where the original fairy tale stories ended.

"Ol Mama Squirrel" Book Review

Ol Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein
Easy/ Picture book
AR level 2.7
Reviewed by Abby

What is this book about? "The mama squirrel does not want anyone near her baby squirrels. She chased away an owl, a dog, a man and a bear with a little help from her friends."

This book received  5/5 stars by Abby who thought mama squirrel was funny. 

David Ezra Stein is an award winning author and illustrator of other children favorites such as Interrupting ChickenLove, Mouserella and Leaves.

Great review Abby! Thanks :)

"The Smashing Scroll" Book Review

The Smashing Scroll by Michael Dahl
Chapter Book
AR level 3.3 
33 pages

Reviewed by Elliot 

What was this story about? "A big smashing scroll that was going to cover the earth."

This book was given 4.5 stars out of 5 by Elliot who said the book "had a shocking appearance and a shocking ending."

This is an adventure story with short and simple sentences- a good beginning chapter book.

Thanks for the review Elliot! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"What Do Ducks Dream?" Book Review

What Do Ducks Dream? by Harriet Ziefert
Easy/ Picture Book

Reviewed by: Landyn 

Whats this book about?: "It's not just about what ducks dream while the are sleeping but about other farm animals as well. And possible dreams you may have."

This book received 5 stars for its colorful pictures and interesting story. It was even read and re-read several times!

"Flutterby" Book Review

Flutterby by Stephen Cosgrove
AR: 4.3
Beginning Reader

 Reviewed by: Allie Marie

What was the story about? "Flutterby didn't know who she was so she went and asked people. A wise butterfly helped her."

This book was given 5 stars because the story pictures are similar to My Little Ponies!

Thanks for a GREAT review!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

A shoutout to our puppeteers

Many thanks to the teen volunteers who helped out at our Open House this past week. Xiaowen, Reyna, Isleta, Xiang, Noella, Isabella and Blaine did a fantastic job entertaining the kids during this Holiday storytime with a puppet show based on Jan Brett's The Mitten.